Cinnamon & Berry Butters

In celebration of National Pancake week, Ihop (International House of Pancakes) & Rated Kb decided to give you a special treat! Until closing time, Ihop has decided to give out free fluffy pancakes. Can you believe that? Something free in this greedy world. This celebration is in honor of the Children’s Hospitals in America. If you would like, you can donate after eating your delicious pancakes. If not, well, it’s free pancakes for you ! Nevertheless, we also give you a special treat to top onto your fluffy pancakes. Two treats in our new post series: Butter me up.

Have you ever had those sweet lil ol’ rolls at Texas Road House? Well this post gets even better. You’ll learn how to make that sweet butter to top on some warm dinner rolls. Great huh? Well here you go: Our Cinabutter & Butter Berry. Enjoy 🙂

Butter Berry

  • Bunch of  Strawberries, as much as your little heart desires
  •  1 stick of butter, soften(You can adjust according to your preference of strawberry to butter)


1. Dice all your strawberries, remove stem and leaves

2. Mix in to butter making sure it is evenly distributed and incorporated

3. Wrap and freeze (wrapping directions below)


  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 stick of butter, soften


1. Mix butter, honey, and cinnamon making sure to evenly distribute the honey throughout the butter

2. Wrap and store in freezer (wrapping directions below)

How to wrap 

1. Shape butter into a cylinder like form and place on a rectangle shaped plastic wrap. The plastic wrap should be placed horizontally, with the short width in front of you and the larger width facing to your left and right side

2. Place butter closest to the end of the plastic wrap and roll away from you.

3. Twist the hanging sides and pull towards the center where you have just ended the rolling

4. Repeat with foil

5. Store in freezer

In spite of the free pancakes, we were so tempted to order the Lorax, a Dr Seuss movie, breakfast. They also have a 7$ deal for those looking to eat at Ihop on a budget. We warn you though, expect wait times to be from 30-40 minutes long and large swarms of people waiting for free pancakes.

And here is the menu hmm, let’s see if it looks as good in pictures as it does in person.

Yeap, looks just like the picture.

Enjoy everyone 🙂


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