Backyard Blues & an Earth Quake Dinner

Rainy weather brings out beautiful colors in our backyard view. I guess this weather was not meant for us to be indoors. We hate the rain, but we love how beautiful the landscape becomes. Sunshine we miss you. However, the weather was weird. Gloomy at one moment, sunny then next. I guess it’s not particularly odd that an earthquake would strike on weird weathered day. We were preparing this recipe when BAM! it struck, shaking the walls of the house abruptly. Suddenly it stopped, lasting on a few seconds, but leaving a shocking imprint in our memory.

We have a ton of beans in our pantry and I had to whip up something quick and easy for dinner that I could leave while I worked around the house. Due to the minor earthquake I had to reorganize all of the house and “earthquake proof” it. I guess it takes a little scare to get everyone in preparedness mode. So K & I jolted up and cooked this up for you us and you guys to enjoy ūüôā

Puerto Rican Pink Beans & Rice


  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 15 oz can of tomato sauce
  • 15 oz of pink beans
  • 15 oz of water
  • minced garlic
  • minced onions
  • minced parsley or cilantro
  • diced potatoes
  • cooked white rice
  • crock pot


                          We strongly suggest that you soak your beans overnight before cooking them.


1. Washed soak beans and leave in a new bowl of water so they don’t dry out

2. Prepare the vegetables

3. Oil the crock pot

4. Cook garlic, onions, & parsley or cilantro until aromatic

5. Once it becomes aromatic, pour in the tomato sauce

6. Cook for 5 minutes while stirring in between

7. Add the beans & water

8. Cook for 20 minutes on high, stirring every now and then

9. Set to low and let it cook for 3 hours

10. Stir, check the softness of the beans and set to warm

Serve on rice immediately or keep at the warm setting while making sure there is still sauce remaining

You can enjoy this dish on the traditional white rice or eat it with tortila chips. Anyway is delicious, I hope you enjoy this crock pot wonder ūüôā






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